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Our services include every aspect of vehicle sourcing to ensure that we provide a seamless customer experience.

Vehicle sourcing
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Sourcing your next premium vehicle acquisition does not have to be laboriuos. ASBCarriages will source a vehicle to match your specifications from a select group of Dealer Principals around the country with whom we work and liaise regularly. Our ability to search the market provides you with an unparallelled ability to source vheicles that are not available to members of the public. The result is not a simple vehicle search but rather a sophisticated and multi-tiered service which ensures you get unbiased access to vehicles that match your search criterion on any number of levels including but not limited to; Maximum future retail value, desirability, vehicle options that will retain value, investment grade vehicle acquisitions and vehicles to minimise and mitigate the effects of depreciation.

Vehicle Sales/Resale

When you are ready for your next premium vehicle there is always the issue of what to do with your existing vehicle.  ASBCarriages can assist you with disposal through the trade or, preparation and marketing of the same on a retail basis.  We operate this service as part of a vehicle sourcing brief but will on occasion agree to handle such transactions wholly independent of whether you choose to source your vehicle through us.


As an experienced custome, you may have your own views and preferences with respect to the vehicle sourcing process.  Our Consulting service can assist you with advice on strategem for minimising and mitigating depreciation, investment grade vehicle acquisition, maximising resale value for your current or future premium vehicle and providing advice and connecting you to the best unadvertised deals for specialist insurance and finance packages for High Net Worth Individuals.

Insurance Assistance

Over the years we have been in the industry, we have developed a network of highly specialised insurance contacts all of whom specialise in working with drivers of premium marques.  Our service connects you and assists you through the process of securing insurance for you and other members of your household whom you may wish to insure.  We speciailise in ensuring that drivers with overseas or limited UK driving experience can purchase insurance as well as the vehicles they desire.  Please note we are not insurance intermediaries and are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority and do not provide insurance advice ourselves.

Finance Assistance

The credit crunch has had a negative impact on the availability of retail finance and credit products available for the acquisition of premium vehicles.  With enhanced deposit requirements and increased scrutiny of documentation required to secure finance our ability to assist you through the process and connect you with some of the best finance brokers in the industry offering rates as low as 5.9% APR, we think you should be talking to us first. Please note that we do not hold a consumer credit license nor do we arrange finance directly.  Our service is simply to connect you with finance brokers who are experienced and in the business to provide finance for acquisition of premium vehicles.


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Our Business

“ASBCarriages were amazing.  They handled every aspect of the process and were able to get me an amazing rate for financing the acquisition of my Aston Martin DBS.  They also handled the pick-up, preparation and resale of my old vehicle securing me an unbeatable deal”. – A satisfied customer in Chelsea, London SW3


“My driving license was issued overseas and I was having problems securing insurance and finance given my unusual circumstances.  ASBCarriages were knowledgable, attentive to all aspects of the process and provided me with exactly what I needed in terms of the Range Rover I wanted and the finance to acquire the vehicle through one of their contacts was absolutely spectacualr.” – A satisfied customer in Kensington, London W8